The Leon Smallwood Misadventures
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Created by

Joey Slikk



Country of origin

United States

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Running time
  • 2-5 Minutes (Short Episodes)
  • 6-15 Minutes (Long Episodes)
  • 30 Minutes (Episode 6)
  • 16 Minutes (Episode 7)
  • 18 Minutes (Episode 11)
  • 17 Minutes (Episode 13)
Production company(s)

Joey Slikk Productions



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Original run

August 13th 2015 - PRESENT

The Leon Smallwood Misadventures, sometimes abbreviated as TLSM, known in Japan as (ザレオン・スモールウッド災難), is an animated web series created by Joey Slikk in 2015, it was produced by Joey Slikk Productions. The very first episode was "Meet Leon Smallwood", it's where Leon Smallwood shows everyone some of his friends and family, even his PC.


In July 2015, Joey Slikk (The Creator) cancelled his AGK series because his mom thinks it's bad for his brain, so he decided to plan for a series about his own character. But Joey changed his mind about it and went back to AGK Stuff. In August 2015, Joey revived his AGK series in order to finish working on Episode 11. He was gonna continue working on Episode 13 after he finished Episode 12, but his Mom said she'll take his computer (or PC if you want) away if he doesn't stay away from AGK. So he decided to cancel his AGK series again. And after that, he was thinking he could make a series about Eric from Go!Animate or someone else, which will be similar to Joey's AGK Series. Then Joey thought up a name of the character he will make for his upcoming series, "Leon Smallwood". Due to the series being similar to Joey's AGK Series, it will be called "The Leon Smallwood Misadventures", A few days later, Joey started working on the first episode using Sony Vegas 11.0. And a couple days later, Joey took a break from working on some of The Leon Smallwood Misadventures episodes after working on the face expression animations on Episode 3. In September 2015, Joey started working on Episode 4 which was "Leon Smallwood Goes To School", But eventually, he took a break from working on Episode 4. A couple days later, He finished working on Episode 4 of The Leon Smallwood Misadventures, Joey was planning to make Episode 5 which was "Leon Smallwood Meets Joey Slikk", but he lost access to his computer when he came back from his visit to his Dad. This problem happened due to a power surge. So Joey had no choice but to use a different computer, In November 2015, Joey got a new Windows 10 computer/PC for his 16th birthday, A couple days later, he tried to re-install some of the programs he had since he had Windows 7, but unfortunately, he couldn't re-install some of them due to the User Account Control asking him to enter Stephan's administrator password when he doesn't know what it is, No ine else knows what it is either, But a couple days later, Joey told Stephan to add the files he had since he had Windows 7, but when Joey told Stephan about the rest of the files he had since July, August and September, Stephan told him the rest of the files were gone because the 0.0 Hard Drive went bad due to a power surge. So Joey had no choice but to retrieve some of his Leon Smallwood Stuff from the internet to his Windows 10 PC. On the night of July 2nd 2016, Joey had a talk with his mom after she watched Episode 8 of TLSM on her phone. So, Joey decided to unlist his TLSM episodes, so his mom won't be able to see them on her phone.

Programs/software usedEdit

Here is a list of programs/software that were used to make the series.

  • Sony Vegas Pro 11.0 (Video making)
  • MS Paint (Sprites, backgrounds, and more)
  • Paint.NET (Same as MS Paint, but different)
  • Speakonia (For TTS voices)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Same as MS Paint and Paint.NET, but different)
  • Ivona (Same as Speakonia)
  • Voiceforge (Same as Speakonia and Ivona)
  • Bandicam (For screen recording)
  • Audacity (For audio recording and editing)
  • Error Message Generator (For Windows error messages)
  • Powerpoint 2007 (For logos and more)




Season 1 (2015-PRESENT)Edit

  1. Meet Leon Smallwood (AKA: Leon Smallwood's Introduction)
  2. Leon Smallwood Watches Carlos.avi
  3. Leon Smallwood's Carlos.avi Nightmare
  4. Leon Smallwood Goes to School
  5. Leon Smallwood Meets Joey Slikk
  6. Leon Smallwood Plays Warpath Jurassic Park (3 Part Episode)
  7. Leon Smallwood Goes to Speech (2 Part Episode)
  8. Leon Smallwood Ditches Speech (AKA: Leon Smallwood Cuts School)
  9. Leon Smallwood Watches Happy Tree Friends
  10. Leon Smallwood's Summer
  11. Leon Smallwood Goes to Summer School (2 Part Episode)
  12. Leon Smallwood Steals a Car (AKA: Leon Smallwood Steals a Car and Goes to Jail)
  13. Leon Smallwood Escapes from Jail (2 Part Episode)
  14. Leon Smallwood and the Keyboard of Melee
  15. Leon Smallwood Meets Noah
  16. Leon Smallwood and the Prank Phone Calls
  17. Leon Smallwood Tries to Become Popular on YouTube
  18. Leon Smallwood Watches Animator VS Animation (Video of Animator VS Animation Needed)
  19. Leon Smallwood Watches Animator VS Animation 2 (Video of Animator VS Animation 2 Needed)
  20. Leon Smallwood Gets a Virus
  21. Leon Smallwood Buys a New Computer (AKA: Leon Smallwood Gets a Job)
  22. Leon Smallwood Goes to McDonalds (AKA: Leon Smallwood Meets Ronald McDonald)
  23. Leon Smallwood's Computer Gets a Funky Virus (An Actual Factual Sequel to Leon Smallwood Gets a Virus)
  24. Leon Smallwood Tries to Get Revenge on Ronald McDonald
  25. Leon Smallwood Catches a Cold
  26. Leon Smallwood Meets Mr. Ted
  27. Leon Smallwood and Joey Slikk VS Mr. Ted
  28. Leon Smallwood Gets Mauled by the Minions
  29. Leon Smallwood VS Ronald McDonald
  30. Leon Smallwood's Last Day of School
  31. Leon Smallwood Goes to Vacation Bible School
  32. Leon Smallwood Goes to Summer School Again
  33. Leon Smallwood's Halloween
  34. Leon Smallwood's Thanksgiving
  35. Leon Smallwood's Christmas Carol
  36. Leon Smallwood's Worst Christmas Ever
  37. Leon Smallwood Meets Rias Gremory
  38. Leon Smallwood VS Fliqpy.exe
  39. Leon Smallwood and The Polar Express
  40. Leon Smallwood Watches Starters (Videos of Starters Needed)
  41. Leon Smallwood Plays Civiballs (Gameplay Video of Civiballs Needed)
  42. Leon Smallwood Watches Lucky Star (Videos of Lucky Star Needed)
  43. Leon Smallwood and his Cursed Computer
  44. Leon Smallwood Meets Konata Izumi
  45. Leon Smallwood Goes to the Aqua Teen's House (AKA: Leon Smallwood Meets the Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
  46. Leon Smallwood Plays Unreal Tournament (Gameplay Video of Unreal Tournament Needed)
  47. Leon Smallwood Plays ROBLOX (Gameplay Video of ROBLOX Needed)
  48. Leon Smallwood Plays M.U.G.E.N. (Gameplay Video of M.U.G.E.N. Needed)
  49. Leon Smallwood Plays Team Fortress 2 (Gameplay Video of Team Fortress 2 Needed)
  50. Leon Smallwood Plays Street Fighter EX2 Plus (Gameplay Video of Street Fighter EX2 Plus Needed)
  51. Leon Smallwood and the Polar Express
  52. Leon Smallwood and the Magic Treehouse
  53. Leon Smallwood and the Trojan Virus (AKA: Leon Smallwood VS the Trojan Virus)
  54. Leon Smallwood VS The Chosen One
  55. Leon Smallwood and The Leon Smallwood Foundation
  56. Leon Smallwood Breaks the 4th Wall
  57. Leon Smallwood Makes Prank Phone Calls
  58. Leon Smallwood Gets a Barney Error
  59. Leon Smallwood Loses His Glasses
  60. Leon Smallwood Does the Mail Yourself Challenge
  61. Leon Smallwood Meets Professor Toothy
  62. Leon Smallwood Does the 1000 Degree Glowing Knife Challenge
  63. Leon Smallwood Watches Some of Joey's Videos
  64. Leon Smallwood Gets Bleeped

Parental advisory ratingsEdit

  • 17+
  • 10+ (Episode 1)

Opening themesEdit

  • Scrubs Season 1 Intro - Lazlo Bane (Episodes 1-6)
  • Biro - Ergo (Episodes 7-PRESENT)

Ending themesEdit

  • Scrubs Credits Theme (Episodes 1-PRESENT)



These wallpapers are created by Joey Slikk, you can use them for your background on your PC, iOS and PSVita.





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